Sunday, April 4, 2010

Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne

Thought I'd also share one of my previous works.

This was my first Forge world model that I bought. It was quite an investment of time, blood, sweat, and money. It was worth it. I probably spent about 6 months working on this on and off. The biggest pain was all the underside cables. So many cables...

The faces were a fun experiment after seeing a few examples on other models. I did think about doing that for the Chaos Reaver Titan, but I figured having them and angry knee might be redundant.


  1. I want to do something similar but with the 2 x Defilers = a Brass Scorpion. Then give it a gloss coat like in the FW photos. For some reason, maybe it's the glossy cherry red paint job on the car from Christine, but it really stuck in my head as evil!

  2. Yeah, I've seen a few of those, I just really liked the unique look of the FW version, which actually was not mean to be the regular Brass Scorpion, but the rules for that were printed later.

    I was going to put a gloss varnish on it afterwords, but I decided not to, seemed to look fine the way it was. I could always do it later if I change my mind though.

    I still love FW version, it just stands out.

  3. that looks great! the faces on the flat parts are really cool!