Friday, April 29, 2011

Angry Knee, a Chaos Reaver Titan Update

Yikes, this is embarrassing. I haven't put up any updates on the Titan in a long time. I've had the thing for over 1 year, and its still not at all close to being done.

So here we are, back at it. The group that I've played with are all getting back into Warhammer, as well as some newcomers to the game. With that I set a goal that I'd spend at least 1 hour every day working on the Titan. So far, during the last 6 days, I've accomplished just that.

I decided to paint, what my friends and I have dubbed "Angry Knee". It was good practice and a bit of a challenge to remember how to go about painting it. I also finished the metallic colors on the inner leg portions, which I will upload later.

So here you are, long overdue. Enjoy!


  1. That looks awesome mate - love the red you have achieved and the brass is right on.

    The Chaos Titans are so much better looking than an Imperial one (and they are great kits in their own right).

  2. Thanks man. :)

    I agree, I think the Chaos Titans just look a bit more bad ass.