Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chaos Titan Legs, Part One of Many

Well, I was hoping to have an update last Saturday, but as it turns out, the inner leg parts took longer than expected. I've been doing a good solid 1 - 3 hours each day so far. I'm feeling really good about it and I'm excited to be on my way to completing this project.

Anyway, here they are for everyone to see. Enjoy! Comments are always welcome.


  1. Looking really good. You got the resin hoses in place, that was half the challenge of the legs in my opinion! I'm glad you're updating your blog again with Reaver stuff. Even if it is traitorous chaos Reaver stuff...

  2. Thanks man. :)

    Yeah, those cables were a pain, same with the pistons around there.

    I'm definitely glad to be working on this again, I feel bad for putting it off for as long as I did.