Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chaos Titan Legs, Part Four: Retribution

It's done, the legs are finally done. After a good solid 3 weeks of work. :)

Things came together much better than I had expected, after the initial problems of the armour plates not wanting to fit together properly.

I also went ahead and did some freehand work, the mark of Khorne on the one knee pad, and the quotes on each side of the legs. I think the bleach bones colour came out really well on the red, better than I had initially expected.

I created a mask with some green painters tape for the knee pad. This worked out ok, some of the paint still bled through over the the lines, so I had to touch it up.

Now that this part is done, I can start work on the weapons and Torso. Which I think I'll be able to do tomorrow.


Used some green painters tape to paint the symbol on the knee pad.

Front view of the legs completed and glued.

Back view.

Writing on the legs. Had a friend help me with what to write here.

"Imperator Rex Mortis, Vivat Deus Tenebrus."

Roughly translates into, "Death to the emperor, long live the dark gods."

Mark of Khorne and Angry Knee happily at home, although I'm sure its hard to tell.


  1. That turned out super cool! Very nicely detailed. Love the colours. :D

  2. Thanks!

    It's gonna be hella fun working on the top. :D